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Take the road to Aberfeldy

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Listen to whay one reviewer called "the sweet yet fragile voice" of Margaret Bennett, as she sings this selection of English and Gaelic songs.

"[From the sleeve notes] Proceeds from this CD go to Bethesda Hospice and to the promotion of traditional music, in memory of my son Martyn whose music, vitality and creativity continue to inspire."

--Margaret Bennett.

Track Listing

  1. The Singing Bird (trad. arr. M. Bennett, H.Downie)
  2. Gaol is e gaol i (trad. arr. M. Bennett)
  3. The Spinning Wheel (J.F. Waller, arr M. Bennett, S. Baxter. C. Brown)
  4. Hi Horo 's na Horo Eile (J. Maclean, arr. M. Bennett)
  5. A Chailinn Dhuinn & Miss Lyle (trad. arr. M. Bennett, H. Downie, R. MacMillan)
  6. Mary Mac (trad. arr. M. Bennett)
  7. Gur Milis Mòrag (trad. arr. M. Bennett, C. Brown, S. Baxter)
  8. Bu Chaomh Leam Bhith Mireadh & Glasgow City Police (trad. arr. M. Bennett, tune P.M. Donald MacLeod)
  9. The Pressers (Mary Brooksbank, arr. M. Bennett)
  10. Ailein Duinn & My Bonnie Light Horseman (trad. arr. M. Bennett, S. Baxter, C. Brown, R. MacMillan)
  11. Tuireadh Iain Ruaidh (Edward Purcell, arr. M. Bennett)