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One of Heaven's Jewels

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One of Heaven's Jewels:
Rev Archibald Cook of Daviot and the (Free) North Church, Inverness
by N. Campbell
Second Edition

The book has 278 pages, 27 colour and three black-and-white pictures, 12 chapters, three appendices and is the fruit of research stretching back over twenty years.

A powerful and sensitive preacher with piercing dark eyes and evangelical message. Seen by some as a rough diamond and by others as 'one of heaven's jewels', Archie Cook opposed the Clearances and had a deep respect for animals and the environment.

Born in Arran, he pastored large congregations in Caithness, Inverness (the original 'Free' North church was built for him) and then in nearby Daviot.

Tramping through deep snow to hold a service, he feared no-one and seemed able to read the minds of his hearers. The people of Daviot defied the government and church authorities to have the right to choose him as their minister. The author sheds new light on the social history of Inverness and its surrounding areas.

This book tells how Cook and his generation lived and worshipped, at a time when Calvinist teaching held sway and religious revival swept through much of the country. A Gaelic preacher of renown, he left a deep mark that continues to the present day. Cook's life and emphases were among the forces that shaped people's thinking, from Arran to Lewis and from Glasgow to Caithness.

Published in aid of Bethesda Care Home and Hospice, this book used a wide range of contemporary sources -- including church records, the press and local Gaelic verse -- to tell the story of a faithful pastor loved by the thousands of ordinary people who gathered to hear him preach.

All profits from the sale of this book will be donated to Bethesda Care Home and Hospice in Stornoway.

[The text above is taken from the back of the book.]

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