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This CD was recorded on a night in May 2013 in Carloway Free Church, with a congregation drawn from the local area.

The album is the result of a Gaelic psalmody class (Sgoil Fhonn) that was held between 2011 and 2013, where the precentors on the album met weekly in the Gearrannan thatched cottages. The psalmody class was organised by Iomairt Ghàidhlig Iar Thuath Leòdhais.

All proceeds from the sale of the album will be donated to Bethesda.

Track Listing

  1. Montrose Psalm 133: 1-3 (D. R. Macdonald)
  2. Moravia Psalm 111: 1-3 (Iain Murdo Macmillan)
  3. Kilmarnock Psalm 105: 1-2 (Alasdair D. Macritchie)
  4. Martyrdom Psalm 57: 1 (Ian Hector Macleod)
  5. Coleshill Psalm 118: 15-16 (Donnie Macaulay)
  6. New London Psalm 63: 1 (Norman Macdonald)
  7. Free Church Psalm 130 (Calum Maclean)
  8. Torwood Psalm 69: 35-36 (Ken Macaulay)
  9. St David Psalm 48: 13-14 (Iain A. R. Maciver)
  10. Walsall Psalm 30: 4-5 (Rev Calum Macdonald)
  11. Bedford Psalm 45: 13-14 (Donald Macleod)
  12. New Cambridge Psalm 122: 7-9 (Angus Graham)
  13. Stornoway Psalm 72: 18-19 (Calum Morrison)

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